Cruise into Kindergarten Evaluation


Cruise into Kindergarten is a multi-year initiative designed to facilitate high-quality early childhood programming and outreach by public libraries throughout the state of Pennsylvania. Quantitative and qualitative data are being collected and analyzed throughout the course of the initiative to indicate progress toward this goal. In year one, a needs assessment in the form of an online survey was distributed to children’s librarians across the state. The findings of this assessment were then analyzed to set priorities and develop outcomes for the initiative. Moving into year five (2017-18), evaluation data have provided evidence for the effectiveness of the initiative on meeting the following goals:
  • Educate and train library staff to provide high quality early literacy experiences for families, while increasing librarians’ knowledge of brain development, ECRR, and Early Learning & STEM Standards applied to programming.
  • Increase awareness of the importance of early learning in all communities in Pennsylvania. Collaborate with other state and local agencies involved with early learning.
  • Promote the role of libraries in providing early learning support to parents, care providers, and early childhood educators.
  • Improve the school readiness practices of adults who provide services and/or care for young children.
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